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You can setup a trading account to settle to your client’s margin lending or wrap facility as part of the online application process. 

  1. Under the question ‘do you want this account to be settled via a margin lending facility or other third party settlement agent, tick 'yes'.
  2. You then select ‘Use existing margin lender’ and select the name of your client’s margin lender or wrap provider from the drop down box. 
  3. You will also need to provide their margin loan/wrap facility account number, the name of their account manager and their account manager’s contact number.

Bell Potter Online will only activate your client’s trading account after verifying with your client's margin lender or wrap provider that their account is active and ready for settlement. You may need to add Bell Potter Online as an authorised broker on the facility.

Please note: margin lending trading accounts for superannuation funds cannot be created.

Bell Potter Online offers a margin lending facility administered by Bell Potter Capital. 

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