Questions most frequently asked by advisers

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  1. Complete the Bell Potter Online Account Application form. This can be accessed once you’ve logged in, under ‘Clients’ from the top menu, then ‘New client account’.
  2. Once all client information is entered completed online, you will be prompted to print, obtain client signatures and relevant supporting documentation.
  3. Email the documents to

We aim to set up new client accounts within 48 hours of receiving the completed application form and current ID. Once account setup is completed, you will receive an email notification to inform you that you can start trading. 

Opening a client account is free of charge, you only pay when you trade with us.

Opening multiple client accounts

We can assist in pre-populating application forms by way of a mail merge, all you need to do is obtain client signatures and supporting documentation. 

Contact to find out more about bulk client uploads.

  1. To sign up for an adviser login, we must first put in place an Execution & Clearing Agreement with your licensee. Please email your licensee name and contact person to and we will make contact with them. 
  2. Once the agreement is in place, we will email a new adviser form for you to complete. 
  3. Please return via email along with a scanned copy of your current driver license. 

You can view all past transactions on your client's account from the 'Trading & Portfolio' tab on the top menu. All orders and contract note information is available here. You can also download Contract Note History into a report in Excel format.

You'll also find a detailed summary of debits and credits that have gone through your client's nominated bank account or linked account (for cash up front accounts) by running a Cash Movements report from the 'Reports' menu in 'Clients' tab.

You can change the following personal details on your Adviser account from 'My Accounton the top menu:

  • Contact details: email, mobile/phone/work/fax numbers and preferred method of contact
  • Adviser related addresses
  • Information Service subscription
  • Password and PIN

New password

You can reset your Password on the 'Sign in' box by clicking on 'reset password'. Enter your email address, click the 'Reset' button and we will email you a password link.

If your account has been locked, please call us on 1800 330 088 and we will assist with unlocking your account.


If you need to reset your trading PIN please contact us on 1800 330 088.

To change your client's residential, postal or CHESS address: login to your account, visit the 'Forms' page and complete the 'Change of Client Details' form. 

Once the form has been signed by the client, scan and email to

All changes in registration details require a signed form from the client.

To change phone numbers or email addresses for your client, simply email the request to

To add email addresses to receive a copy of each contract note generated on a client's account, login to your account and go to the 'Client A/C Summaries' tab from ‘Client’ in the top menu.

Under Contract Note destinations, click on 'add' and complete the additional email address field.

Please note: you can add up to five additional email addresses.

To transfer shares from another broker or from a share registry

Signed forms from your clients are required to facilitate the transfer of shares from another broker or from the share registry to Desktop Broker. Forms can be found under ‘My account” then “Forms” menu. 

Please email the signed forms to We will endeavour to transfer stock into your client's account within 48 hours from receiving the signed request. 

You must first determine whether the shares are held at another broker or at a share registry and complete the correct transfer request form.

For shares being transferred from another broker, use the Broker to Broker Transfer Request form.

It is imperative that your clients account name, designation and address at the current broker exactly match the account with us. If shares are currently held in a different name, you will need to complete an Off Market Transfer Request form (at a cost of $55).

For shares being transferred from a share registry, use the Issuer Sponsored Conversion Request form.

Your client’s account name and address at the share registry must exactly match the account with us. If shares are currently held in a different name, you will need to contact the share registry to change the details prior to submitting the Issuer Sponsored Conversion Request form with Desktop Broker.

You can confirm how the client account is registered with Desktop Broker, from the ‘Clients’ tab on top menu. Go to ‘Client A/C summaries’ and confirm the Registration details under the Trading Account Information section at the bottom of the page. The name, designation and address must match exactly letter for letter.

Once forms are complete, scan and email the signed request form to

To transfer my client's shares to someone else

Your client will need to complete and submit an Off Market Transfer Request form to change the shares they own from one name to another. Fees apply.

You can upgrade or downgrade your Adviser information service level to choose between Gold, Platinum and IRESS ViewPoint levels.

To change your information service subscription, go to 'My account’ tab and under 'Information Service', select the new service level. 

A window will open where you can select your new subscription.

To upgrade your client’s information service level, please contact