Questions most frequently asked by advisers

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  1. To sign up for an adviser login, we must first put in place an Execution & Clearing Agreement with your licensee. Please email your licensee name and contact person to and we will make contact with them. 
  2. Once the agreement is in place, we will email a new adviser form for you to complete. 
  3. Please return via email along with a scanned copy of your current driver license.
  1. Complete the Bell Potter Online Account Application form. This can be accessed once you’ve logged in, under 'Clients' from the top menu, then 'New client account'.
  2. Once all client information is entered online, you will be prompted to print, obtain client signatures and relevant supporting documentation. 
  3. Email the documents to

We aim to set up new client accounts within 48 hours of receiving the completed application form and current ID. Once account setup is completed, you will receive an email notification to inform you that you can start trading. 

Opening a client account is free of charge, you only pay when you trade with us.

Opening multiple client accounts

We can assist in pre-populating application forms by way of a mail merge, all you need to do is obtain client signatures and supporting documentation. 

Contact to find out more about bulk client uploads.

To use the Bell Potter Online platform you must be an authorised representative of a current AFSL. 

To find out how to setup your licensee, please send an email to our customer service team or call us on 1800 330 088 and we can talk you through the requirements.

Alternatively, we can arrange for a Client Account Manager to sit down with you to discuss/demonstrate our website.

New password

You can reset your Password on the 'Log in' box by clicking on 'reset password'. Enter your email address, click the 'Reset' button and we will email you a password link.

If your account has been locked, please call us on 1800 330 088 and we will assist with unlocking your account.


If you need to reset your trading PIN please contact us on 1800 330 088.

To change your client's residential, postal or CHESS address: login to your account, visit the 'Forms' page and complete the 'Change of Client Details' form. 

Once the form has been signed by the client, scan and email to

All changes in registration details require a signed form from the client.

To change phone numbers or email addresses for your client, simply email the request to

The Bell Potter Online mobile app is web-based so there is nothing to download and install.

  • Open your web browser and visit
  • Press the Launch mobile application button
  • You’re now ready to enter your username and password - the same ones you use on the Bell Potter Online website
  • For added convenience, you can add the Bell Potter Online app to your mobile home screen for fast access on the go
  • The Bell Potter Online app is available for both iPhone and Android

Investing in managed funds with mFund is similar to investing in equities. Simply place an order online through our Managed Funds order pad. No need to provide any additional paperwork from your clients. Funds will settle through their existing nominated bank account.

To invest in managed funds through mFund, follow these three steps:

  1. Research mFund products from the Managed Funds page, read the fund profile and PDS
  2. Choose the ‘Managed Funds’ option on the Order Pad and place your order online
  3. New mFund units are transferred to CHESS holdings and can be seen in the respective client’s portfolio

To sell managed funds units, go to the Managed Funds Order Pad, choose the ‘Sell’ option and enter the quantity you plan to sell.

Access to mFunds must be signed off by your licensee, to find out more please contact us at