Questions most frequently asked by advisers

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To view an order on the Bell Potter Online website:

  • You can check your order status for each client account under 'Trading & Portfolio' from the top menu, then select the 'Open orders' window.
  • You can also view all open orders by selecting 'Clients' then 'Client open orders'.

To amend an order on our website:

  • Select the order you wish to amend in the 'Open Orders' window
  • Make the required change (e.g. quantity, price or order validity)

NOTE: To amend only the price of a partially-filled order, leave the quantity unchanged. Our platform will recognise any partially-filled amounts and amend only the amount that is still unfilled in the market.

To cancel an outstanding order on our website:

  • Select the order you wish to cancel in the 'Open Orders' section
  • Select 'Cancel'
  • Alternatively, you can call the Customer Service team on 1800 330 088.

There are no extra charges to amend or cancel orders.

Payment for buy trades and proceeds from sell trades will be debited or credited directly from/into the client’s nominated bank account. 

Please ensure adequate funds are available before placing trades.

The nominated bank account can be viewed under ‘Clients’ then ‘Client A/C summaries’ from the top menu.

Equity transactions on the ASX generally settle on T+2 (i.e. two trading days after the trade has taken place), although some securities may settle on a deferred basis.

Payment for buy trades and net proceeds from sell trades will be debited or credited directly from/into the client’s nominated bank account. Direct Debits are processed on T+1 and Direct Credits on T+2.

Buy orders and sell orders traded on the same day will be netted against each other. We will direct debit or credit the difference as required.

You can place a buy order with funds from the sale proceeds of your clients' shares as soon as the sell trade has been booked.

Our Client Support team will contact you to resolve the matter as soon as our bank alerts us that your client has insufficient funds.

Methods to resolve may include:

  • Providing an alternate bank account
  • Selling the stock that has caused the shortfall
  • Selling another stock held by the same client to provide sufficient funds
  • Paying money into the client's account yourself

Please note: fail fees will apply.

You can nominate a set default brokerage scale for each client or amend on a per-order basis. 

Please note: although only one amount of brokerage is charged on an order, it is possible for this brokerage to be split across a number of contract notes where orders partially transact and were placed good till cancelled. This may occur when a percentage brokerage is applied to an order, in which case, the brokerage on day one will be the percentage of the trade on day one and the brokerage on day two will be the percentage of the trade on day two and so on.

When you place an order you have the option of increasing the brokerage over and above the Bell Potter Online default rate.

We will then charge this brokerage to your client and hold it in trust until the end of the calendar month when rebates are paid to your licensee. 

The rebate is the difference between our rate and what you have charged your client and is typically paid within the first 7 days of each month.