Interview Series 17th September 2020

From the helm: Westgold Resources' (ASX:WGX) CEO, Debbie Fullarton

In this instalment of Bell Direct's From the helm series, Jessica Amir speaks to Westgold Resources' (ASX:WGX) CEO, Debbie Fullarton.

A significant player in the Australian gold market, valued at over $1 billion and a Bell Potter buy, WGX is certainly worth a thought. With new mines materialising in the not-so-distant future, and with them, a 15-30% increase in gold sales projected, the Perth mining giant becomes even more attractive...

In this video Debbie discusses:

  • (0:29) WGX's elevator pitch
  • (1:55) What's driving the growth?
  • (3:03) Where the future of the gold price lies
  • (4:22) Mining and sustainability - the WGX approach
  • (5:45) How WGX addresses gender balance