A suite of premium services for advisers

IRESS ViewPoint online share trading software. The frequent trader's platform of choice.

$79 per month

Integrated ViewPoint

With Bell Potter Online, you can access to the next generation Iress streaming platform, ViewPoint. 

ViewPoint gives you a constant stream of live market data. Quotes, market depth and course of trades are dynamically updated as they happen. Real time charting and technical analysis tools help you exploit patterns as they emerge.

ViewPoint is seamlessly integrated with a Bell Potter Online Gold or Platinum trading account, enabling you to place your orders either through ViewPoint or the Bell Potter Online website. 

What you'll get

  • Live ASX quotes, market depth and course of trades
  • Dynamic watchscreens, news and company announcements
  • Real-time charting with advanced technical analysis tools
  • Detailed research and company data, including dividends, corporate actions and company profiles
  • Live global market indices
  • A customisable interface, so you can personalise your system to suit your trading style
  • A free Bell Potter Online Gold trading account, seamlessly integrated into ViewPoint.

How to upgrade to ViewPoint

If you are already a Bell Potter Online adviser, login to your account and click on the Iress icon. Tick the Terms and Conditions box and enter your pin.