Market wraps 8th March 2024

Weekly Wrap 8 March

The stock market isn’t always smooth sailing, reacting not just to company performance but also to the ever-shifting tides of global events. Geopolitical tensions from ongoing wars to escalating cyber threats, can create uncertainty and market volatility. However, for investors, this doesn’t necessarily translate to negative outcomes. By understanding the risks and focusing on long-term strategies, investors can navigate these choppy waters and position themselves for continued growth.

In this week’s wrap, Sophia covers:

  • (0:28): the importance of long-term wealth building strategies
  • (1:07): major geopolitical risks
  • (1:22): cybersecurity in the investment landscape
  • (1:55): impacts of US-China tensions on markets
  • (2:29): why the energy sector is one to watch
  • (4:00): the most traded stocks & ETFs by Bell Direct clients
  • (4:34): economic data to watch next week.

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