2nd February 2024

Weekly Wrap 2 February

This week was arguably the biggest week on the US reporting season calendar. We saw some of the world’s largest tech companies release quarterly results which impacted global markets.

Investors were not impressed with some of the Magnificent 7 reports and we detail why.

In this week’s wrap, Grady covers:

  • (0:11): what the Magnificent 7 stocks are
  • (1:14): investor concerns with Tesla’s warning of headwinds
  • (1:36): Microsoft topping expectations across all metrics
  • (2:01): disappointing results from Alphabet shares
  • (2:15): mixed emotions sparked by Apple, Amazon, and Meta results
  • (4:02): expectations from local earnings season, retailers, iron ore miners, and AI
  • (6:35): the most traded stocks & ETFs by Bell Direct clients
  • (7:08): economic data to watch next week.

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