Market wraps 19th June 2020

Weekly Wrap 19 June

The ASX200 rose 1.5% this week (Mon-Thur), continuing the COVID-19 claw back. With massive infrastructure investment planned in both Australia and the U.S., and global oil prices recovering from their virus induced hangover, investing and trading ideas continue to emerge from the woodwork.

In this week’s wrap, Jessica covers:

  • Compare the pair: the U.S. vs the Australian outlook (0:11)
  • High sentiment charges the Tech sector up 5.9% (1:13)
  • Healthcare stocks lead the way however with Clinuvel Pharmaceuticals (ASX:CUV) & Healius (ASX:HLS) up over 20% each (1:22)
  • Key themes: the infrastructure $1bn fast track package; oil price; and global equities poised to rise (1:41)
  • Trading ideas: Boral (ASX:BLD), BHP (ASX:BHP) and NRW (NWH) are picks for thematic infrastructure trading (3:11)
  • Trading the oil trend - stock ideas from the major investment banks (3:51)
  • The case for U.S. corporate bonds, outperforming the ASX200 (5:13)