Market wraps 15th March 2024

Weekly Wrap 15 March

The spotlight shone brightly on the US economy as investors eagerly awaited the release of key economic data this week. The data would shed light on the nation's battle with inflation, a crucial factor influencing both the health of the world's largest economy and the potential actions of the Federal Reserve regarding interest rates in the coming months.

In this week’s wrap, Grady covers:

  • (0:09): why investors were fixated on the US this week
  • (0:53): conflicting signals between US retail sales and PPI data
  • (2:18): investor optimism despite a slight rise in US inflation
  • (2:34): the mining giant sell-off locally as iron ore slumped
  • (3:08): a glimpse of recovery amidst challenges for Myer
  • (5:06): the most traded stocks & ETFs by Bell Direct clients
  • (5:35): economic data to watch next week.

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