Insights 29th January 2021

Reporting Season Preview - February 2021

With reporting season upon us, we share what you need to watch ahead of a company releasing their financial results. We know the signs are there that the Aussie economy has been strengthening and company earnings have started to pick up, but what's key to driving share price growth now?

In our reporting season preview, Jessica covers:

  • (1:00) The expected 20% growth in broad market earnings
  • (1:12) The stocks exposed to consumer spending
  • (1:46) Seven key mining stocks set to benefit
  • (2:32) Two banking stocks worth keeping an eye on
  • (2:59) Sectors set to gain and lose from the working from home shift
  • (3:26) Why Cochlear (ASX:COH) and Fisher & Paykel (ASX:FPH) may miss expectations