Interview Series 30th September 2020

How SMSFs are staying ahead of the curve

Jessica Amir caught up with Investment Trends’ Research Director, Recep Peker to chat about the $733bn Self-Managed Super Funds (SMSF) industry.

Investment Trends, a leading financial services market research organisation, surveyed the SMSF industry from March to August, to see how they reacted to the pandemic and to determine what they’re planning on doing next.

In this video, Recep talks about:

  • (0:47) The top challenges for SMSFs
  • (2:06) What SMSF trustees are doing differently
  • (2:35) The defensive pre-pandemic positioning of SMSF trustees
  • (3:05) How SMSFs are taking advantage of discounted stocks
  • (4:00) What older vs. younger trustees are investing in
  • (5:25) How and why SMSF trustees are diversifying their investments