Interview Series 25th September 2020

Global opportunities amid COVID-19 with Hamish Douglass

Magellan Chairman and CIO Hamish Douglass caught up with our very own Jessica Amir to discuss global opportunities amid COVID-19.

In the interview, Hamish shares his thoughts on the gap between the U.S. economy and share market, and reveals what to watch when it comes to the U.S. election.

Hamish also sheds light on how COVID-19 is changing our behaviours, and how to look at such trends as investment opportunities. 

In this video, Hamish talks about:

  • (0:50) The gap between the U.S. economy and share market 
  • (5:00) The U.S. presidential election
  • (10:09) Reducing MFG's cash position
  • (12:09) Why MFG has reduced its healthcare exposure
  • (12:53) 'Pandemic resistant’ stocks MFG has been buying
  • (16:29) Investments to watch amid the US-China tension
  • (20:29) The biggest risks to stock selection
  • (24:05) The biggest opportunities amid the pandemic
  • (29:58) The pandemic and Magellan’s business and staff