Interview Series 8th November 2022

From the helm: Starpharma's (ASX:SPL) Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Jackie Fairley

In this instalment of our From the helm series, Bell Direct’s Grady Wulff speaks to Starpharma's (ASX:SPL) Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Jackie Fairley.
Starpharma Holdings Limited (ASX:SPL) is a global biopharmaceutical company and a world leader in the development of new pharmaceutical and medical products based on proprietary polymers called dendrimers. In this video Dr. Fairley discusses:

  • (0:56) A brief overview of Starpharma
  • (2:31) Growing distribution network for Viraleze
  • (3:29) SPL's exciting oncology portfolio and key partnerships with major companies
  • (4:56) How Viraleze works and the market opportunity going forward
  • (6:09) What's coming up next for SPL

Note: This interview was filmed on 20 October 2022.