Interview Series 14th September 2020

From the helm: Megaport's (ASX:MP1) CEO, Vincent English

In this instalment of Bell Direct's From the helm series, Jessica Amir speaks to Megaport's (ASX:MP1) CEO, Vincent English.

Cloud services business Megaport is a leader in the Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) market. With its revenue jumping 66%, and its shares rising about 46% year-to-date, Megaport has enjoyed success in an otherwise turbulent market. Only one question remains - what's its path to profitability?  

In this video Vincent discusses:

  • (0:27) MP1's elevator pitch
  • (1:55) What investors should know about MP1's results
  • (4:21) When investors can expect MP1 to generate net profit after tax
  • (4:53) The inside scoop on the cloud industry
  • (7:08) MP1's focus on ESG
  • (8:58) How MP1 addresses gender balance


This interview was filmed on the 8th of September, 2020.