Interview Series 20th May 2021

From the helm: IOUpay (ASX:IOU) CMP, Calvin Yeap

In this instalment of Bell Direct’s From the helm series, Jessica Amir speaks to IOUpay's (ASX:IOU) Chief Marketing Officer, Calvin Yeap.

Another Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) industry player, IOUpay is the Asian industry giant. It boasts a proud 20 year history in online banking, which in turn sets IOU apart from the rest of the industry. Could this be the BNPL platform to rule them all?
In this video Calvin discusses:

  • (0:43) From banking platform to BNPL leader: IOU's story
  • (2:39) How IOU's BNPL offering differs from the rest of the pack
  • (3:53) The impact of COVID-19 restrictions on the business
  • (5:25) IOU's future proofing plan: warding off competition
  • (7:01) Where IOU plans to be in 2 years

Note: This interview was filmed on 18 May 2021.