Interview Series 24th August 2020

From the helm: Centuria Capital (ASX:CNI) Joint CEO, John McBain

In this instalment of our From the helm series, Bell Direct’s Jessica Amir speaks to Centuria Capital's (ASX:CNI) Joint CEO, John McBain.

With the search for stability increasing, Centuria Capital Group might be worth a thought. The listed property fund manager has grown its earnings over the past six years, which has led to strong historical dividends. CNI exceeded its FY20 operating earnings per security guidance and has already acquired $600m in direct real estate in FY21.

In this video John discusses:

  • (0:42) CNI's elevator pitch
  • (1:13) The highlights of its FY20 financial report
  • (1:55) Acquiring NZ fund manager, Augusta Capital - the key facts
  • (3:10) Future growth prospects: $900m funds growth in six months
  • (4:28) Strong rent collections despite the pandemic: CNI is collecting 90% of its rents, why?
  • (6:19) Centuria Capital is BIG... what makes up the group?