Interview Series 24th November 2020

From the helm: A turbo charged interview with carsales.com (ASX:CAR) CEO, Cameron McIntyre

In this instalment of Bell Direct's From the helm series, Jessica Amir speaks to carsales.com (ASX:CAR) CEO, Cameron McIntyre.

A number of behavioural shifts have emerged during COVID-19 that are affecting the way Australians buy cars. CAR's shares have benefited, up about 100% from March this year, despite travel restrictions.

In this video Cameron discusses:

  • (0:45) What's driving CAR's share price
  • (2:09) How COVID-19 has set the trend for used car sales
  • (3:52) What could drive further share price growth
  • (6:29) Why you should consider adding CAR to your clients' portfolios