Portfolio Review Service

Double checking is for winners.

Specialised advice, now available to all. Introducing the Portfolio Review Service...

Specialised advice, now available to all. Introducing the Portfolio Review Service...

In the difficult position the financial services market finds itself in, it is of vital importance to ensure trust. With the Bell Potter Online Portfolio Review Service, the trust between advisers and their clients can only grow stronger. 

What advisers receive with the Bell Potter Online Portfolio Review Service:

  • A full review of clients' portfolios, irrespective of what platform they trade on.
  • A 48 hour turn around on all reviewed portfolios.
  • Access to the knowledge of 3 of the industries finest experts, with access to Bell Potter's resources.
  • A customised service; you won't have to deal with different people every time.
  • A one off, flat review fee.

Social Proofing is Selling

It's a well known fact that social proofing sells. Mirroring this from the advisory perspective, a second opinion can be a decisive sell point.

Better still, Bell Potter Onlines' Portfolio Review Service is agnostic about where you decide to execute our stock recommendations. The service is offered to advisers and clients from anywhere.

It is of no time cost; it requires no change. No need to sign up to a new brokerage account, no need to relearn a trading platform, and no need to alter their routine. It's all seamless.

Plus, advisers are able to take control of the optics, and choose (depending on their sales strategy) whether or not they wish to advertise that the portfolio has been reviewed by a partner. The Bell Potter Online Portfolio Review Service considers advisers as equal partners.

For the purpose of avoiding a conflict of interest, we do not interact with clients directly to ensure the comfort and protection of our partners.

View an example of Bell Potter Onlines' Portfolio Review Service, and see for yourself how reviewing and proofing your opinion can benefit you.

Who advises the adviser?

A second opinion never hurts, especially in an industry as volatile as financial services.

Given the vast array of products and markets available to clients' portfolios, it's understandable that advisers can occasionally be asked to review portfolios which are outside of their field of expertise. Rather than either denying the client of service in these fields, which in turn bleeds clients to their competition, wouldn’t it be better to have a second, highly skilled and specialised opinion?

With over 20 years' experience in reviewing portfolios, the Bell Potter online team are the team to help formulate that opinion.

Paul Ashworth

Paul Ashworth has worked closely with financial planners and intermediaries over the last 15 years to help design, monitor, and implement a range of direct investment strategies. Paul holds a Graduate Diploma of Applied Finance from Kaplan.